Sunday, August 10, 2008

Robin #176 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Joe Bennett
Inker: Jack Jadson
Colorist: Guy Major

Issue Rating
Story: 7/10
Art: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Issue Developments

Robin continues his search for Batman with some help from Spoiler. While Robin beats up some of the Gotham Golden Dragons Spoiler finds and erase a picture of Batman that one of the Golden Dragons took on his cell phone. We also continue to see what Dick and Tim did while waiting for Bruce to exit the cave in Narda Parbat. After checking up with Private Detective Bard and Officer Harper Robin bust into Penguins place for answers. Robin than finds out about Spoiler erasing the picture of Batman and ask her why she did that. Spoiler tells her Batman asked her to so Tim would not worry. Tim gets pissed of and leaves Spoiler and decides to continue guarding Gotham with or without Batman.

Highlight of the Issue

"Some nice brotherly banter"

After only a few weeks from ago we had Robin #175 DC decided to put Robin #176 out before the new issue of Batman RIP. After reading this issue it is understandable why. Nicieza had to wrap up Robin's search for Batman since in the next issue of Batman RIP will most likely not have Spoiler involved. And even though there may have been some errors in continuity Niecieza has to be given credit for what he was able to do with writing these two issues in such a short time with Dixon abrupt departure.

I like that Nicieza had Robin realize that while Gotham may not always have The Batman the city will always have him and those Batman has trained. For me Bruce Wayne is The Batman period. The Batman is not a legacy character like The Flash or Green Lantern. Bruce has trained Dick, Tim, Jason, Barbara, and Cassandra not to take up his mantle but to become their own man/woman who will continue to protect Gotham in their own identity. With everythinng that Tim has been through these past few years Tim now realizes with Bruce's current situation that he may not become Batman but he will continue protecting Gotham with or without Batman. It is going to be interesting what Tim will do especially with Robin being a title that is getting closer to issue #200.

The other thing that I liked about this issue is the relationship between Dick and Tim. The flashback show that even before Tim was adopted by Bruce that Dick and Tim were already acting like brothers. Also unlike when he is with Bruce were Tim has to be serious and act like Batman, Tim has always been able to act more like himself when he is around Dick while still getting the job done. I kind of wish DC would bring back the Bat-Family book to how the bat-characters like Dick, Tim, Barbara, Jason, and Cassandra act around one another when Bruce isn't around.

I thought it was a weird role for Spoiler to be acting as the voice of reason for Tim's current actions. Ever since Spoiler has returned I have really haven't cared much. But since this was only the first storyline were she is involved since her "official" return I will hold on to my opinion of whether her return is a good or bad thing.

Joe Bennett did a good job in illustrating Nicieza story with his art. It was nothing spectacular or bad but got the job done with some nice art.