Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pull List for 10/29/08

Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns - Other than having Final Crisis in the title all of Geoff Johns supposed tie-ins to Final Crisis don't have anything to do with Final Crisis. This issue should really have been the next issue of Green Lantern and not a Final Crisis "tie-in." Now that aside I am looking foward to this one-shot dealing with the Red Lanterns and anything related to "The Blackest Night."

Superman/Batman #53 - I enjoyed the last two issue arc though that was do to how much I enjoyed little Batman than anything else. Still the premise of this story has peaked my interest enough to pick up this title for one more arc.

Teen Titans #64 - Since "Titans of Tomorrow...Today!" Sean McKeever work on Teen Titans has ranged from average to bad and he has not impressed me at all. It doesn't help that McKeever took out my favorite Titan, Ravager, from this title. And after the last issue I am considering dropping this title unless McKeveer can turn it aroun on this title and stop taking out or killing off Titans currently on the team.

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 - This is it folks the most controversial topic on Earth, or at least in the US, "sex." With that dramatization of what some people think out of the way I am interested to see where Bendis takes this Peter/MJ "will they, won't they" debate in this issue. The only thing that I am disappointed in seeing is that Mark Brooks isn't doing the interior art as he did in the previous two annuals and I am not at all familiar David Lafuente art.