Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 6/17/09

Cover of the Week: Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1
Even though I am not a big Beta Ray Bill fan I got to admit this cover by Patrick Zircher made me almost want to pick this title up when I saw it at my LCS.

Amazing Spider-Man #597 Highlights
Here is our first look at American Son's armor which is what Norman wants Harry to wear.

Gotta say I am excited to see Doctor Octopus back in Amazing Spider-Man and this tease to his return makes me hope the Spidey writers make his return as good as Norman's has been in this story arc.

One of the perks of being a bad guy is that you don't have to hold back in saying what is on your mind when you see a smoking hot girl as Peter was able to do here while acting as Venom.

It looks like Spider-Man was shot in the wrist.

Batman #687 Highlights
I was actually surprised with how well Winick was able to write the original Dynamic Duo in this flashback. It reminds you that Winick wasn't always such a horrible writer.

No better way to show a character is depressed than having the same panel were a character looks sad shown over again in two other panels.

Why wasn't there a scene like this in Battle for the Cowl. Then maybe the event would have been a much better read.

Damien trying to pull off his best Batman impression.

So I'm confused is this Dick's first appearance as Batman or Morrison's Batman and Robin #1 Dick's first appearance as Batman as seen here.

Flash: Rebirth #3 Highlights
This was actually a good opening and I hope that Jesse is more involved with the plot of the story than she has been so far.

See the next image.

Out of the whole series I thought these two pages were probably the best dialogue that Johns has written. Barry's analysis of the various generations of the Flash Family was spot on and brings up the question if there is one too many characters that can be Flash.

This small "race" between Flash (Barry) and Superman was okay but it felt forced and more for old school Flash fans to get the nostalgia of there races.

Not very shocking that Professor Zoom would return as Johns made it pretty obvious that this would happen.

Green Lantern Corps #37 Highlights
And so Sodam gets his heroic "death."

This is the moment were Arisa becomes the DCU's version of John Connor.

This was just a sick scene and raises Scar's badass level to 11.

Activating the Phallanx Directive!

This is were everything goes to hell for the Green Lantern Corps.

Red Robin #1 Highlights
Not only does Tim catch the guys fire fist but also crushes the dudes face with his head. Nice work Tim.

Well it looks like Damien solves the mystery of who the new Batgirl is.

Yet this is how Tim gets to the realization that Bruce is alive. No facts. No body. No clues. He just gets an epiphany.


heffison said...

That's not an epiphany. Bruce is contacting Tim with Bat-Telepathy.

The time-displacement makes for a fuzzy signal, but at least it gives Tim a start.

Kevin said...

@heffison: I forgot Bruce had that power. LOL!