Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time For The Revolution To Start

In what is both a happy and sad announcement this will be the last post that I will be posting here on my blog Comic Book Legacy and begin writing for the new website As you all know last summer I joined Rokk's Comic Book Revolution last summer and have been posting reviews. For a while I have been pulling double duty writing both here on my blog and over the Revolution. It has been a lot of fun writing for both as I have been able to write reviews in two different styles. But yesterday I got a very cool e-mail from Rokk informing me and the rest of the members of the Revolution that the website he and Shawn have been working on for a while now is finally up and ruining. Both Rokk and Shawn have been working very hard on the website and now the website is ready for everyone to visit. It has been a lot of fun writing reviews here on my own blog and I want to personally thank everyone that has been reading my reviews and commentary. I have had a great time here and I am certain it will be just as fun writing at the new website.

I will be leaving this blog still open so that it will be working as an archive to all the post I have written up the past two years and you will still be able to view all my old post I have written. Again, thank you to all my followers.

Now hop over to to get new reviews, commentary, and interviews from me and the rest of the Revolution members. Thank you.


Matt/Comic said...

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Thanks Matt

Marvel Comic Universe said...

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