Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pull List for 9/10/08 and Some Comic News

Ultimate Origins #4 - I really liked the last issue of Ultimate Origins and the updating of some long time Marvel characters. And from the looks of the solicits the connections between a lot of the characters in the Ultimate Marvel Universe is going to start to come together. So it will be interesting to see what Bendis has up his sleeve for this issue.

Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual #1 - Even though I have not read Ultimate X-Men and Fantastic Four for a while the rumor that these are going to be the two titles being cancelled after Ultimatum should make this annual an interesting read. Along with Ultimate Origins this annual is said to be connected to Loeb's Ultimatum mini-series should definetly peak the interest of fans in the Ultimate Universe.

Speaking of the Ultimate Universe Newsarama put up an interview with Mark Millar talking about Millar's return to the Ultimate Universe in a new series. The new series will be called "Ultimate Avengers" and will have four six part stories with a different A-list artist drawing one of the four storylines. If you are interested in reading the interview click here.

Marvel made an announcement here in there Las Vegas convention about what those mysterious images that have been showing up in the Comic-cons this summer. Evedently the images are promotional images for a new Marvel Universe called Marvel Noir. This new universe is suppose to contain the same characters from the regular Marvel Universe and place them in new (or old) roles in a completly different universe. IGN has an interview with David Hine, writer for "Spider-Man Noir," and Fabrice Sapolsky, who are the architechs of this new universe. Click here for the interview. Comic Book Resources also has an interview with creative team of "X-Men Noir"
Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero (click here).

Marvel also made another announcement about a future story titled "Dark Reign." Currently it is not known if this is connected to the recently announced "War of Kings" or another separate event in the Marvel Universe. Though I doubt this is Marvel's next big event since Marvel has come out and said that 2009 will be a quiet year in terms of a big Summer Event to build up the next big cross-over for the company. For some details on "Dark Reign" click here.