Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pull List for 9/17/08 and Marvel and DC December Solicits and News

Action Comics #869 - Brainiac has always been my favorite Superman villain after Lex Luthor. And while I do not plan on continue to pick up this title after this Brainiac story, since I would have to pick up Superman and Supergirl titles, Geoff Johns has been able to write one of the more entertaining Superman stories I have read in a long time.

Titans #5 -
This is Judd Winnick last shot at convincing me to continue to read this title. But knowing Winnick this is probably the last issue I will be reading till a new creative team replaces Winnick and his rotating art teams. It sad because I never thought I would drop a title with my favorite team in comics but again Winnick proves that no matter how many great characters a bad writer can have on a title a bad writer will continue to be bad no matter what.

Uncanny X-Men #502 -
Uncanny X-Men is another title that I am considering on dropping. I thought that after Messiah Complex all the X-titles would get on track but since Fraction has joined his Iron Fist partner Brubaker Uncanny has actually gone down in quality. But like always I am willing to give a creative team one story to continue to read a title and that is what I am giving Fraction and Brubaker.

The new solicits for both Marvel and DC have come out and it looks like some interesting things are coming for both companies in December. In the Marvel side some of there titles have been classified due to Secret Invasion. Also even though Loeb hasn't written anything in the past few years that I have been a fan of I am still excited about Ultimatum due to Mark Millar returning to the Ultimate Universe after that event. On the DC side it looks like the last chapter to Morrison's Final Crisis will not be released till January and instead Morrison will team up with Tomasi for Final Crisis: Secret Files that will reveal things about Final Crisis. Also all Bat-fans should be excited that legendary Bat-writer and -editor Dennis O'Neil will write a two-part story in Batman and Detective Comics with a Gotham without a Batman.

Recently Newsarama recently posted the Diamond August comic sales (click here). And again it looks like Secret Invasion took the top spot while Final Crisis placed second which has to have Marvel jumping for joy that they again beat out DC event. Also out of the 7 DC titles that appear on the top 25 only JLA and JSA, which sell themselves, that do not tie into Morrison's Final Crisis or Batman RIP. It doesn't look good for DC considering Marvel has 17 titles on the top 25 and only 4 of those titles tie into Marvel's big event Secret Invasion.

And for anyone reading Secret Invasion you should read the interview IGN did with Brian Bendis about Secret Invasion and what Dark Reign is about if you haven't already. For the interview click here