Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pull List for 10/5/08

Final Crisis: Resist - In general I have been enjoying the tie-in miniseries to Final Crisis more than Final Crisis itself since these tie-in actually give information of what is going on in Final Crisis. The only reluctance I have for this issue is that I have with this one-shot is that Snapper Carr and Cheetah are the main characters.

Iron Man: The End #1 - Come on why wouldn't I be buying this issue. Its David Michelinie and Bob Layton who are the definitive Iron Man creative team.

Terror Titans #2 - While I was not all that impressed with the first issue of this mini-series the only real reason I am still picking up this book is because Static first official DC Universe appearance will happen in this book. I think I can stomach this title till then (hopefully).

Ultimatum #1 - Ultimatum is a mixed bag for me because on one hand I can't wait to see what Marvel has planned for the Ultimate Universe but on the other hand this series is written by Jeph Loeb who hasn't written anything good since the Hush arc over on Batman. Hopefully Loeb can turn in an actual readable comic or else he will fall join the club, if he is already a member, of worst writers in comics along with Fraction and Winnick.