Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pull List for 12/24/08

I hope everyone is enjoy their holidays. I am sorry I didn't post any DVD reviews like I said but it been a busy time just like it is for most people. Anyways, it is strange that comics come out on Christmas Eve, but hey let's just go with it:

Batman #683 - This is the second part to "Last Rites" and I hope that Morrison doesn't disappoint with this issue since last issue didn't answer any questions of what happened between the end of "RIP" and how Bruce showed up in "Final Crisis #1."

Daredevil #114 - Last issue finally kick "Lady Bullseye" into gear and I can't wait to see what Brubaker has in store in this issue.

New Avengers #48 - I am going to give both "New" and "Mighty" Avengers a shot to see were "Dark Reign" takes these two books. Hopefully Bendis does not disappoint.

Nova #20 - I am loving what DnA have been doing with the Marvel Cosmic Universe and I want to see what they have Richard do now with the Nova Corps revitalized.

Ultimate Spider-Man #129 - This is Bendis best book and USM has been one of the consistently well written books on the market and hopefully this being a tie-in issue to "Ultimatum" doesn't hurt this title.

Ultimatum #2 - The first issue was typical set-up for a big event book that made me a bit optamistic that Loeb won't turn in his usual horrible work he has been doing for the past few years.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and enjoys their comics, and presents, this week.