Monday, December 29, 2008

Ultimatum #2 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: David Finch
Inker: Danny Miki
Colorist: Steve Firchow

Story - Ultimatum Chapter Two: Death Becomes Her

For the past few years the Ultimate Universe has been on life support, outside of the always fantastic Ultimate Spider-Man. Then it was announced that the Ultimate Universe would return to its former prominence with Ultimatum. I had my reservations of the Ultimate Universe big event especially since Jeph Loeb was the writer who hasn't written anything that has been above average in a while. Still I decided to give Ultimatum a shot and actually thought the first issue, while not great, did a nice job building up what looked like a good event. But now the second issue of this series by Loeb has been released and there is only one word to describe Loeb's latest work: dumb.

Now there are plenty other words that come to mind to describe this issue but "dumb" sums this issue up without saying anything inappropriate. From the plot to the script this issue was one of the worst comics I read since Hulk #1, another Loeb written issue.

After the last issue started with a disaster striking New York, similar to the disaster in "The Day After Tomorrow" film, this issue is mostly an aftermath issue were all of the Ultimate characters deal with the clean up. Ultimatum can be simplified to "Magneto kills everyone." Add in some out of character actions, some needless killing, and some gore and you have what Loeb series.

There are plenty of moments in this issue that were horrible but there are two scenes that are especially horrendous that make me wonder how Loeb was allowed to write this issue.The first scene was the one involving Reed, Doctor Doom, and Power Princess. It is understandable that Reed would be pissed that Susan being in a coma by the disaster, who wouldn't, but for the always logical Reed to act so irrational in not accepting that Magneto is the one behind what happened to Susan just makes Reed out to be a crying little kid that had his toy taken away. The dialogue in that whole scene was just horrible. If this were the real Reed he would figure out what is happening and how he can solve the problem while saving Susan's life at the same time.

But by far the worst scene in this issue is the scene involving Henry and Clint. With all the deaths going around him Henry should not be thinking with his lower region and think with his head. When Henry threatened to kill Clint I was wondering were the hell that all came from. That was one of the most out of character moments were it is a wonder that Loeb got this issue approve by his editors. Add in the needless death of the Wasp, who was being eaten by the Blob, and this scene could easily be the worst scene of the year.

There are plenty of more moments in this issue that just as horrible as these two scenes but I don't just want to continue describing how horrible this issue is since other reviews have probably already mentioned it and don't need to be mentioned again. The only real saving grace for this issue is Finch's artwork. Finch definetly gives this series the epic feel that Loeb fails to give it with his writing. But even Finch's artwork falters at times. I have to say that unless Carol Danvers, who was rocking two huge breast and a rifle, didn't look at all like her Ultimate version . And also the splashpage in Valhalla seemed to only half done with the fog background.

Issue Rating
Story: 1/10 - This was just a horrible issue that continues to be a trend in all of Loeb's work in the past few years.
Art: 8/10 - Finch's artwork perfectly fits the (failed) big event feel this series is going for.
Overall: 4.5/10 - Along with World War Hulk and Secret Invasion Marvel isn't having any success with its big events.

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