Saturday, January 10, 2009

Green Lantern #36 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Oclair Albert
Colorist: Nei Rufiino

Story - Rage of the Red Lanterns: Part Two

Geoff Johns continues to do a great job building towards "Blackest Night." Up until this issue Johns has used Green Lantern to building up the Green Lantern Corps, along with Sinestro, while Tomasi's Green Lantern Corps has been used to build all the other Corps. But now that the "Secret Origins" arc is over this title can start focusing on building the other Corps that will be part of "Blackest Night" along with the GLC. And this issue may be one of the best issues so far in this series. Johns pack Green Lantern #36 with a lot of sub-plots that build towards this summers big event.

It is great seeing all the differences between the various corps down from their members personality to the world their main power battery is located. Much credit has to go to Ivan Reis for creating some awesome artwork. I especially love how beautiful the Blue Lanterns home world was and how creepy and sinister the Red Lanterns world is. Reis character design is also just as great and I especially love that Warth is designed after Genesha the Hindu God.

It is incredible how Johns is able to make each of the oaths for all the Corps so different. With their still a few more Corps left to be revealed I can't wait to see what oath each Corps sounds.

It is great seeing how the Blue Lanterns are a much more positive group than the other Lanterns we have seen. And because they are powered by the hope of those around them and don't need a power battery to recharge like the other Lantern Corps it makes them a much more powerful group. Even though I don't expect Hal to join the Blue Lantern Corps and become their leader it does present an interesting temptation for Hal.

I have to say that with all the different plot developments Johns has working on this title I was most interested and surprised by the reveal at the end of the book. I never expected that Sinestro had a daughter and it will be interesting to see what kind of character Sinestro's daughter is and if she will be joining one of the Lantern Corps.

With what is going on with the Blue and Red Lanterns along what Johns has in store for all the other Lantern Corps this series only looks to be getting better as we get closer to "Blackest Night."

Issue Rating
Story: 9.6/10 - Johns continues to impressed me with all the work he is doing on Green Lantern and how he is able to manage to juggle such a huge cast of characters.
Art: 10/10 - Ivan Reis provided some beautiful artwork in this issue. I especially loved the look of the Blue Lanterns home world, it was really impressive.
Overall: 9.8/10 - With "Blackest Night" around the corner Green Lantern, along with Green Lanter Corps, continues to be heading in strong towards its big event. This title continues to be one of the strongest reads on the market.