Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Update

Over this past weekend I was invited by Rokk, who runs the popular Comic Book Revolution blog, to join the Revolution as a contributor. I was quick to accept the invitation as Rokk runs one of my favorite and it is an honor that I was invited to join his blog.

So what does this mean for Comic Book Legacy? I will say that Comic Book Legacy is going nowhere. I will still be running this blog. And with some of the big ideas Rokk and the rest of the Revolution has in mind there are some surprise in store for both this and the Revolution blogs.

So what is actually going to change is that instead of posting my cartoon reviews here on this blog you can read my reviews for all the comic book cartoons over at the Revolution. I will also on occasion provide a comic review over on the Revolution but I will still be posting reviews for the big event books, like Battle for the Cowl, War of Kings, and Blackest Night, here on this blog. But what will change for my reviews is that I will probably do more reviews in the form of the Legacy Shorts that I've been running for the past month.

Now I will still be posting up anime reviews for Bleach and Code Geass here at the Legacy. One thing that I will change is that instead of posting up the anime reviews later in the week I will try and post them on Sunday just to get them out sooner. Though because of the GI Joe animated movie that is premiering in the place of Bleach this week and Code Geass still on reruns there wont be any anime reviews this week but hopefully next week we will get a new episode of at least Bleach.

Finally I will still be posting the Legen--wait for it--dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week every Wednesday. One thing that I thought might be cool to add to the Legen--wait for it--dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week would be to post some fan made video from YouTube that could be videos of cartoons, anime, video games, movies, trailers, etc.

I hope that you enjoy the changes and be sure to catch cartoon reviews over at Comic Book Revolution.