Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Legen--wait for it---dary Comic Book Highlight for 4/1/09

Cover of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man 590 (Alternate Cover)
Though I wasn't to sure about this Wolverine appreciation month thing Marvel has going I have to admit that I have enjoyed the various cover paying homage to different works of art. Out of all of them this cover of the different versions of Wolverine playing poker by Paolo Rivera in the place of the dogs is my favorite. I hope that they release this cover in poster form as I wouldn't mind having this in my house.

Amazing Spider-Man #590 Highlights
I just surprised Spider-Man, or other heroes, doesn't do this more often as all he fights is people in tights.

Spider-Man and Reed get lost in there own world as they talk about how they will get to the Microverse. At least Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four aren't Trekies right?

Who says superheroes aren't appreciated anymore?

Well believe it Johnny! Spider-Man is..........

Flash: Rebirth #1 Highlights
Well that's one way to get powers.

Well write this "Barry got me back into the hero business" by Jay and the JSA as just another case of Barry worship that we got the whole issue.

So why aren't Tim and Cassie asking Bart questions about his return? This is his first appearance back in the regular DC timeline. Gotta love the delays for Legion of 3 Worlds.

I get the feeling that Iris is also being affected by whatever is happening to the Speed Force as something is off about the look in Iris's eyes.

I just wonder how the Black Flash's body ended up in a corn field .

Yet again DC and Geoff Johns are not satisfied having at least one hero have a positive origin and they have to "Marvel-fy" all their characters origins.

The popular theory going around is that Barry is going to become the Black Flash and I can't say I disagree.

Invincible Iron Man #12 Highlights
While Tony made sure that Pepper's armor was powerful maybe he should have also spent more time on his armor as well.

I wonder how this Controller/Maria Hill storyline will mix in with the Tony on the run angle.

Are we seriously suppose to believe that Tony in his old school armor can beat Namor in a one on one fight.

If Namor a clear A-list character couldn't beat Tony what chance does a D-list character like The Hood to beat Tony?

Teen Titans #69 Highlights
If Wonder Girl was smart she would have taped the fight instead of stopping it and selling it on pay-per-view to make some money.

You do not mess with Aquagirl.

Take Eddie, Bombshell, and Kid Eternity and replace them with Tim, Bart, and Rose that this would be a much more badass team.

Teen Titans Annual #1 Highlights
I am going to call it right now and say that Eddie is going to be the Titan that dies in the "Deathtrap" crossover.

Now time for a crossover. To bad I wont be picking it up. Call me once that story is over with.

War of Kings #2 Highlights
No love for the new Kree rulers.

Is this the birth of the Crystal era in the Kree world?

Got to love these new megazord looking Black Bolt robots. They caused some serious damage to the Shi'ar armada.

I have been really loving all the different technology Maximus has created to fight this war against the Shi'ar and this Zero-G Combat tech is just awesome.

So I'm guessing someone is going to die.