Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Legacy Shorts: Comic Book Reviews for 4/1/09

Amazing Spider-Man #590

Creative Team
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Barry Kitson
Inker: Mark Farmer
Colorist: Dean White

Story - Together Again......For the First Time

Now into its second year of the new direction we begin with the question of who really does remember Peter Parker is Spider-Man. In New Avengers #51 Peter revealed his identity to his Avengers teammates making them the first one's to learn Spider-Man's identity post-One More Day. I was a bit surprised that Marvel would allow Peter to reveal his identity for the first time post-OMD to not be in Amazing Spider-Man. It just does not seem right after all the "changes" Marvel made to Spider-Man's history in order for everyone to forget who he was under the mask that his first reveal would be outside his book.

Now even though I enjoyed much of this issue as Dan Slott has a great handle for Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four the question of what really happened with everyone in the Marvel Universe forgetting Spider-Man's identity hurt this issue. If we are to follow the logic of how the Fantastic Four questioned Spider-Man about his identity than it seems that all that is needed is some sort of trigger for everyone in the Marvel Universe to remember Peter is Spider-Man, though it will be different for each case. And if this is true than Marvel is only setting up to piss off a lot of fans if this logic is used for others to learn who Spider-Man really is.

Still I will say I enjoyed a lot of Slott's dialogue as he provided a lot of witty banter between Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. My favorite part of the issue was the geek moment between Spider-Man and Reed Richard's as they discuss how they will reach the Microverse. Also he did a nice job keeping the aftermath of the Menace storyline going as we see what has happened to those affected by the events of the last storyline.

Issue Rating
Story: 6.8/10 - Though Slott provided plenty off good dialogue in this issue the question with the post-OMD continuity hampers what should have been a fun issue.
Art: 7.8/10 - Barry Kitson gives us plenty of quality artwork though it was not as good as some previous issues though that will probably change with the next issue when he is given some more action scenes to illustrate.
Overall: 7.3/10 - In what should have been a fun story arc the continuity problems with Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe hurts this issue.

The Invincible Iron Man #12

Creative Team
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colorist: Frank D'Armata

Story - The High-End Technology of Ultramodern Destruction

After a strong start to the new status quo for Tony Stark and his supporting cast the issues that followed have not been as strong. The biggest reason for this is that Fraction continues to not only build up the new status for Tony and the Marvel Universe but also he continues his pursuit to integrate as much of the Iron Man movie elements as he possibly can with each issue. I understand the move is done in order to help those getting into the Iron Man comics because of the movie but personally I like that the TV shows and movies have a different continuity to the comics and that is how it should be.

As for this issue I will say this was a step up from the last issue as I continue to enjoy how Fraction has been able to make Maria Hill into a much more likable character. It will be interesting to see how Fraction will integrate this Controller plotline into the war going on between Tony and Norman.

But just with the last issue the fight that Fraction gave us in this issue was not as enjoyable as I think Fraction thought it would be. I was just not buying the fact that Tony could actually last as long as he did with his old costume since even with the Extremis power-up he barely held his own against Namor. I get this is a comic but still I think that it would only take one punch by Namor to take out Tony in his old Iron Man suit. The fight really made Namor look weak and it does not help that now The Hood and his gang are being sent to due the job Namor couldn't. Really! If Namor couldn't take out Tony what chance does a D-list villain have to do the job.

Issue Rating
Story: 5.4/10 - Fraction continues to amaze me with the mediocre dialogue he has been putting out the past few issues.
Art: 6.5/10 - Salvador Larroca's art was better this issue than the the previous few as he mostly got to draw people in armor though I still have a problem with how he draws people.
Overall: 5.95/10 - So far this "World's Most Wanted" arc has been disappointing though with The Controller looking to get involved I have hope this story will turn around (Man I am such a optimist).

Teen Titans Annual #1

Creative Team
Original Story: Sean McKeever
Artist: Fernando Dagnino
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Rod Reis

Story - Home Invasion

Since we finally got an official team put together in the last issue of Teen Titans, which also came out this past week, this annual is used as a prelude to the "Deathtrap" crossover between Teen Titans, Titans, and Vigilante. With the past few issues of Teen Titans I have been on the fence if I should pick up this crossover since I would have to pick up Titans and Vigilante to get the whole story but after this issue I think I will pass on this crossover. Maybe if I hear good things about the crossover I will pick it up when it comes out in trade paperback form but for now I have no interest whatsoever to read yet another story with Jericho taking over people.

The problem with this annual is it not only a prelude to "Deathtrap" but if you read Teen Titans #69 than this issue is pretty much the same as that issue. For the first half of the issue it is basically a recap for the reader to get a handle of the new team and it is not until the final half were we deal with the "Deathtrap" tie-in. But the problem is that as soon as we get to the action part of the issue all excitement you may get from the action is killed by the slow pace of the first half. The only bright spot of this annual is that we got to see Static go use his full power to defeat a Jericho controlled Cyborg and save his teammates.

Also I did not like that whoever wrote this issue, as Sean McKeever only got credit for writing the story but not the issue, made all the Teen Titans look like chumps just to make Eddie in his old Kid Devil costume look like he belongs on the team. I am just getting annoyed by Eddie's character and this annual just makes me hope that when I pick Teen Titans up again after the crossover Eddie is not on the team anymore.

Issue Rating
Story: 3.3/10 - The dialogue of this issue was average at best and it does not help I do not have an actual writer to blame for the average dialogue.
Art: 7/10 - Dagnino provide some solid artwork with my favorite part of his art was when Static used his full power to save his teammates as he showed how powerful Static is.
Overall: 5.15/10 - This issue did nothing for me to want to pick up the "Deathtrap" crossover and I will just pick up Teen Titans once that crossover is over, that is if I remember to pick this title up again.