Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anime Review: Code Geass: Lealouch of the Rebellion R2 10

"When Shen Hu Wins Glory"

For the past few episodes we have seen the mecha fighting take a back seat to all the various characters setting up what is looking more and more like a World War. While this episode continues that development this episode brings back the mecha fighting to the forefront.

Though unlike other anime were the mecha fighting is just some senseless fighting Code Geass has proven that anytime there are big mechas fighting it is more about the strategy than the actual fighting. The difference from this battle to all the other battles in Code Geass I found it hard to root for one side over the other. Xingke ha quickly become one of my favorite characters and he definitely moved up the bad ass ladder in this episode. Not only is he a great Knightmare pilot that can go toe to toe with Kallen but he is also a brilliant strategist that he was able to go tactic to tactic with Lelouch. Though it seems that with his illness (Leukemia?) it may be foreshadowing that he may be a casualty of the war.

And speaking of Xingke able to out strategize Lelouch this episode, with the last episode, we have started to see Lelouch get raddled more than previously seen. While deciding try and get back Kallen at first glance seems like an uncharacteristic decision I actually think it is in line with Lelouch's character, especially in R2. It is moves like this that remind the viewer that for as brilliant as Lelouch is that he is still a teenager and continues to allow his emotions over power his mind. With that decision it lead to the Black Knights to be back into a corner and it will be interesting to se how they get out of it. Also it will be interesting to see who Lelouch has posing as himself in Ashford.

Episode Rating - 9.2/10