Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Legen--wait for it---dary Comic Book Highlight for 2/11/09

Cover of the Week: Thor #600 (Marko Djurdjevic variant)
Djurdjevic is one of the best cover artist in the business and this Thor #600 cover is epic and plain beautiful.

Amazing Spider-Man #585 Highlights
Harry's girlfriend/fiance gives one mean bitch slap.

Low blow! Going after your boyfriends old drug problems is one serious kick to the mid-section.

Well it looks like Harry is done being pushed around by his girlfriend and show her what a real Goblin can do.

Batman #686 Highlights
Who wants a Batmobile when you can have your own personal Catmobile.

Well, what else did you expect Two-Face to drive!

Is this a mix of the pre-Crisis Jason Todd's appearance and his post-Crisis Jason Todd origin of a car jacker telling Joker not to kill him?

The golden age Catwoman's version of Batman's death was an interesting tale of one of the many deaths of Batman(s) we will see in this story.

Having Alfred be the Joker in his story of how the Dark Knight dies was an interesting twist to the close of Adam West's Batman universe.

Green Lantern Corps #33 Highlights
Well this should be interesting especially with the new law forbidding romances between Green Lanterns.

Mongul vs Arkillo! Should be one epic fight on Daxam.

With the clash of the titans happening on his home planet Sodam is bound to have one memorable homecoming.

Nightwing #153 Highlights
Saying goodbye to yet another home and job. Maybe once Battle for the Cowl is over Dick (as Batman?) can finally hold down one job for longer than a year.

The Batcave is not complete without old Abe.

Well at least someone finally figures out in comics that death in a comic never last. But still I hope that Daniel or other future Batman writers deal with Tim's denial over Bruce's death since it could lead to some interesting dialogue between Tim, Dick, and Alfred.

As much as they may not know or want to admit it, both Bruce and Dick's life really does parallel one another.

This was just a cool moment of Dick taking the same oath he took at the start of his superhero career.

The Origins and Omens back up we got in Nightwing was the best one I have read. Dick and Barbara share some nice banter as Dick gives Barbara her late birthday present.

Are these things to come for Dick during Battle for the Cowl and beyond?


Matt Ampersand said...

That last image from Green Lantern Corps looks awfully familiar. Is it some kind of tribute to an older issue or something along those lines?

Kevin said...

@Matt Ampersand: From the top of my mind I think there was a scene in the GLC issue telling Sodam's origin during the Sinestro Corp Wars. In that issue we see Sodam helping out an alien get out of his/her crashed spaceship back when he lived in Daxam since the spaceship Sodam's mom used is that same ship. Though its been a while since I read that issue so I may be wrong and it may be a completely different tribute.