Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anime Review: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 12

"Love Attack!"


Outside of the school festival episode and moments for fans Lelouch/C.C. and Lelouch/Kallen relationships R2 has largely dealt with the serious tone of the war being fought. This episode was a nice break from the actual war between the Black Knights and Britannia.

Seeing how Lelouch dealt with the "problem" of Sayoko making the playboy of the school with so many dates scheduled and then having to deal with Milly's going away party was fun to see. It was pretty funny seeing everyone, even Lelouch, overreact to how Sayoko was over doing it with her trying to get away from everyone chasing her while she was Lelouch. It is cool seeing that the writers made Sayoko into a super martial artist and hopefully we will see more of the Super-Maid in action against real opponents in future episodes.

Also I was glad that the writers of the show have move the subplots of Milly and Shirley. For Milly it looks like her overall story arc is over and we will only be seeing her occassionally as a reporter on TV. Also from the looks of the end of the episode the things aren't looking good for Shirley since she now remembers everything about Lelouch and her being brainwashed. I kind of wonder were they are going to take Shirley now since there are multiple ways her character can go from here.

As always though the writers continue to develop all the other plots, except for the Emporers endgame (weird!?), going on during the war. We get to see that Nunally will be spending time with Kallen, the remaining children of Emperors (sans Cornelia) meeting to talk about the Chinese Federation, Cornelia learning about Geass, and V.V. and Jeremiah starting their endgame. All these subplots helped to balance out the light moments of that we got over in Ashford. And probably being seeing more of these little moments during this mini Return to Ashford arc.

Though at the same time while it was good to see the writers continue to work on all the subplots of the war this episode has me question if R2 has to many plotlines going into the halfway mark. We probably get two or three more episodes of Lelouch in Ashford so that means even less time to wrap up the war. While we got the plotlines mentioned above moving along we also still have the to learn what both the Emperor's endgame involving the Sword of Alabaska is about, what Schneizel has planned, Lelouch getting Kallen back, what are V.V. true intentions, and what C.C. wish is (death?) to name a few. The other problem is that with such a huge cast unless they start killing of some of the supporting cast it will be harder to end all the various plotlines running across R2 to were they can satisfy all the fans. Though since this show is not known for killing off their major characters or supporting cast I hope the writers don't start rushing through all the various plots.

Still this isn't anything against this episode but it will be interesting to see how the writers will deal with this and if these concerns will grow in later episodes. Overall while not one strongest episodes, this was a fun episode that help bring some comedy to the show before getting back to the serious tone R2 is has set for itself this season.

Episode Rating - 7.8/10